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Earl was born in Manchester in 1921 and went on to have a successful 39 year career as the Sports Editor for the Manchester Evening Herald.

Following his retirement  from The Herald and an 8 year stint promoting the Hartford Whalers, Earl went on to write a bi-monthly column for the Hartford Courant. In 2004, Earl was named the first the official Manchester sports historian. He was also instrumental in the establishment and promotion of both the Manchester Road Race and the Manchester Sports Hall of Fame.

Earl’s recollection of both past and present sports news was incredible.  He kept up with the local athletes who went on to college and other local sports endeavors. Local high school athletes enjoyed seeing their names mentioned in Earl’s columns over the years.

Earl started playing tennis in his 50s and became an avid tennis player.  He played several times a week until shortly before his passing in 2005. He loved the game of tennis and enjoyed watching his namesake tournament each summer.

“A European-style tennis academy in the heart of Connecticut.”




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