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We have built a method and curriculum from the years of experience that we feel best prepares the players for optimum growth. 


Our philosophy is based upon Character Building to achieve maximum performance. We want our students to be outstanding people first. Once they believe in themselves off the court, then it is much easier to believe in themselves on the court.


Through respect, trust, loyalty, integrity (just to name a few) are the foundations that we stand by. Combined with some hard work is the backbone on how we feel the players can achieve all of their goals.


We follow a Periodization Schedule to focus on specific areas that each player needs to succeed. The Periodization Schedule is simply a way to learn through progressions. There are Four Phases in the process that we feel best help our students grow and follow in this order:

  1. Technical Phase is were the players work more on Biomechanics, correct footwork for weight transfer and different types of spin.


   2. Pre-Competition Phase is were we start to incorporate patterns, serve & return direction and basic                       offensive, neutral and defensive positions.


   3. Competition Phase is were we have the players complete not to win, but to use the tools that were just               learned in the two previous phases. The students also start applying tactical strategies and problem solving       skills.


   4. Rest Phase is were the players take a break from the training and either take time to rest the body, cross            train or to simply have fun (tennis is a sport and therefore having fun is essential to the players growth).


Once the Rest Phase is completed, we then start over to the Technical Phase and repeat the process. It is important to repeat the phases throughout the training process to ensure constant growth. Each time we go through a new phase, we alter the duration and specifics of the training.




Periodization Schedule

“A European-style tennis academy in the heart of Connecticut.”




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